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About Us

What We Do

TC IT Solutions is here to help businesses modernize their technology. We focus on device management and cybersecurity. In today's business climate technology is an essential part of daily operations. Without proper infrastructure, your business data could be in danger of malicious attacks or unwanted natural disasters. We are here to keep your business running smoothly and protect your data so you can work with peace of mind. 

Managed IT Services


Maximum Uptime

24/7 remote monitoring of your PC's, Laptops, Mobile Devices, Networks, and Servers to prevent and fix problems related to performance, security, and backups. This proactive approach is focused on maximizing uptime and usability so you and your employees can stay productive and profitable.

Cost & Savings

Many business owners do not have the upfront capital required to add IT infrastructure or the support personnel to maintain it. Leveraging the capabilities of a third party is a cost-efficient way for such organizations to meet its technology needs by converting these costs into an operational expense.


A multi-level approach is taken on all of our Managed Service Customers. We will never trust one device or software to protect your entire environment. All of our customers are secured with a combination of top of the line antivirus, breach detection software, and network monitoring for all firewalls. These in combination with a solid patch management plan for all your devices will make sure your company's and your client's data will stay secure.    

Evaluation & Planning

As a value-added benefit for our Managed Service Customers, our experienced analysts will work as your own personal CTO. They will evaluate every aspect of your environment to help build a technology roadmap for the future of your business. Recommending upgrades and changes that will boost security and usability all while keeping costs as affordable as possible. 

Local Support 

Never Outsourced

24/7 Phone/Text Support

100% Local Support Agents

Dedicated Account Manager


Fully Managed

We take care of it all. 24/7 monitoring and maintenance as well as always available local support agents. All contracts are custom quoted and vary depending on the size of the environment and the level of software maintenance required. We are listing our starting price below but please contact us for a custom quote. Our starting price is the highest possible price, large environments as well as environments with low levels of software and risk will cost less. 


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Remote Access

Remote access for your employees. We will install our remote access only software on all your machines and set up your employees to be able to access them from anywhere. Our technicians will also be available to support your entire company through remote access at the hourly rate listed below.   

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